Why Lactivist?

A Lactivist is a lactation activist. Someone who campaigns for the rights of breastfeeding mothers and their babies.

Breastfeeding didn’t come naturally to me, I was expecting a gentle latch on instead of a chomping milk monster, but with help, I got there. I hated a lot of it especially being there on demand and dropping everything when milk was needed. But that is parenting and I was determined to give my son the best start I possibly could.

So when I was criticised for feeding him and asked when (at 6 weeks old) I was going to get him ‘off those and onto proper milk’ I was a bit upset. I turned that into a little t=shirt for my son, hand painted with a slogan that read ‘formula is for suckers’. It stopped the negative comments but it did get loads of people asking where I got it. Lactivist was born with £100 and a cheap printing deal from a friend of the family. T-shirts were hand screen printed or made by me using transfers and a second hand heat press.

It didn’t make me money because I spent a lot of time signposting people to get help and I couldn’t really sell them at a high enough price to recover costs. So I stopped production in 2014 and handed over the sister site (lactivist.net) which held more of the support information to someone who seemed interested in keeping it going.

Since then, print technology has come on leaps and bounds so I can still offer a high quality product but I don’t need to do any hands on stuff, so in the interests of keeping a tiny bit of income trickling in, I have brought back Lactivist.

I’m not on social media as Lactivist and I’m not a breastfeeding consultant. There are many people who are much better at that than I could ever be and their details are at the bottom of every page on this site.

If you have an issue with any of this, and feel triggered because you can’t breastfeed for some reason I am sorry. But it is a very tiny percentage of people who medically can’t breastfeed, I was one of those who would have slipped the net if I hadn’t asked for help.